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David Tralka Discusses Agency Valuations

Click here to watch David Tralka discuss agency valuations in his interview with Insurance Journal.


Interest Rate Environment

Watch David Tralka’s recent interview with Insurance Journal where he discussed interest rates and its impact on agency valuations. Click here to watch the video.


Interest Rates and Agency Valuations

InsurBanc’s Chief Lending Officer, Robert Pettinicchi answers three common questions independent agents ask lenders in Property Casualty 360’s recent article. Click here to learn more.


InsurBanc Finances Agency’s Recent Acquisition

Read how InsurBanc provided the financing an agency needed while going through an acquisition. Click here to find out more information.


Perpetuation Key to Agency Growth

Read Property Casualty 360’s recent article, “5 Key Strategies for Growing Your Agency” to learn from InsurBanc’s President and CEO, David Tralka how perpetuation planning can be used to help grow your agency. Click here to learn more.


Perpetuation for Young Agents

Interested in InsurBanc’s recent webinar, “Moving on Up: Perpetuation for Young Agents?” Click here to listen to InsurBanc’s President and CEO, David Tralka discuss the process of perpetuation from a young agent’s perspective.


Perpetuating vs. Selling

Insurance Journal’s article, “Selling Your Agency May Be Hazardous to Your (Financial) Health” provides information from InsurBanc’s Chief Lending Officer, Robert Pettinicchi on how perpetuating your agency can often be more financially beneficial than an outright sale. Click here to read more.

Equipment Leasing

If your agency is in need of an equipment upgrade, our flexible leasing options could be for you! Click here to learn more.


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