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What’s Next for Your Agency Perpetuation Plan
With every day that passes, you are getting closer to retirement. Have you given thought to what will happen to your agency? InsurBanc’s Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer, Keith Mangini recently shared some insight in Insurance Journal’s article, What’s Next for Your Agency Perpetuation Plan. It’s essential to realize that a well-crafted perpetuation plan can not only impact your retirement, but also your agency’s value. In this article, Keith explains the necessary steps agency principals should take now in order to maximize the agency’s value for the future. Read the full article by clicking here.

InsurBanc Discusses the Impact of Technology
In a recent article published by Rough Notes magazine, InsurBanc’s Chief Lending Officer, Robert Pettinicchi discusses the impact technology has on the value of an independent agency. Bob explains how agencies that utilize technology and train those to use that technology effectively will create a more valuable agency. When agencies invest in technology they become more profitable, which consequently increases their value. Click here to learn more about the effects of technology investment.

InsurBanc Discusses Key Components of Agency Acquisitions and Perpetuations
David Tralka was recently interviewed by Agencies Online discussing agency acquisitions and perpetuations. In case you missed it, you still have the opportunity to learn valuable information. In this webinar, InsurBanc’s President and CEO, David Tralka, shares insight into the current M&A market. Dave discusses the key considerations of financially planning and preparing for succession, tools to maximize agency value and ways to access capital for growth. Check out the webinar here. If you are interested in learning more, contact InsurBanc at 1-866-467-2262.

InsurBanc’s David Tralka Discusses Agency Revenue Growth
Watch the last edition of Insurance Journal’s interview with InsurBanc’s President and CEO, David Tralka where he discusses agency revenue growth and earnings. Has agency performance peaked? According to Dave, despite the decrease in revenue growth, independent agencies are still quite strong. Each agency is different, as well as their measure of profitability. Watch the video below.

InsurBanc’s David Tralka Discusses Agency Valuations
Watch the next edition of InsurBanc’s President and CEO, David Tralka’s interview with Insurance Journal. In this video interview, Dave discusses agency valuations, which have been at historic highs, and what that means for agency principals. Valuations may be high, but does that mean it’s the right time to sell? Listen to Dave’s opinion on high valuations below.

Insight from InsurBanc on the Interest Rate Environment
InsurBanc’s President and CEO, David Tralka was recently interviewed by Insurance Journal to discuss the importance of the interest rate environment to the insurance industry. In the video interview released by Insurance Journal, Dave discusses the correlation between interest rates and what someone might buy or sell an agency for. How does the possibility of rising interest rates impact agency valuations? Listen to Dave describe the effects of a changing rate environment.

3 Questions Agents Ask Their Lenders
InsurBanc’s Chief Lending Officer, Robert Pettinicchi recently discussed his opinions on interest rates and agency valuations in Property Casualty 360’s article, “3 Questions Agents Ask Their Lenders.” In this article, Robert shares what he expects of interest rates in 2016, the current state of agency valuations, and the factors to consider when valuing your agency. To read more, Click here.

Agency Looks to InsurBanc to Help Finance Recent Acquisition
InsurBanc recently provided acquisition funding and guidance to an agency looking to grow. BNC Insurance Agency, a firm with a specialty in construction insurance and risk management was started in 2000 by Brian Colby and Onofrio Colabella. Today, the growth-oriented firm has more than 600 clients. BNC turned to InsurBanc when in need of financing to acquire a peer agency. Click here to read how InsurBanc helped finance BNC’s expansion.

Strategies for Growing Your Agency
InsurBanc’s President and CEO, David Tralka was recently interviewed for Property Casualty 360’s article, “5 Key Strategies for Growing Your Agency.” In this article, Dave discusses how planning for perpetuation can be thought of as a growth strategy. An internal perpetuation plan can engage key employees to start thinking like owners and think about the future of the agency. Click here to read the article and learn how your agency can stand out from the competition through perpetuation.

Moving on Up: Perpetuation for Young Agents
Recently, the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America released a webinar, “Moving on Up: Perpetuation for Young Agents,” hosted by InsurBanc’s President & CEO, David Tralka. In this webinar, Dave discusses the process of perpetuation from a young agent’s perspective. He describes how to start thinking like a buyer by learning how to access capital and understanding agency valuation. As a young agent, this webinar will teach you how to become part of the succession plan. Click here to listen.

Perpetuating vs. Selling
Farmington, CT (May, 2015)
In Insurance Journal’s recent article, InsurBanc’s Chief Lending Officer Robert Pettinicchi discusses why agency owners should consider perpetuating their agency instead of selling as they move towards retirement. With valuations increasing, you may be considering selling your agency. However, with selling you no longer can benefit from any future cash flows from your agency. Economically, perpetuation can often make more sense. Click here to learn more.

ProgramBusiness.com’s newest article
Farmington, CT (October, 2014)
ProgramBusiness.com’s newest article discusses the spike of agency acquisitions in 2014 and the important components of an internal perpetuation with industry experts from InsurBanc and Reagan Consulting. Click here to read.

How do you measure agency productivity?
Farmington, CT (September, 2014)
Using an agency’s “spread per employee’ to calculate and monitor productivity is the gold standard, but not the only metric. Read
insights from InsurBanc’s Vice President Keith Mangini and your Best Practices agency peers in IA Magazine’s article “Playing the Spread”.

Succession Planning to Millennials
Farmington, CT (July, 2014)
This article provides insights into this misunderstood generation, who have the ability to transform, contribute to and perpetuate the insurance industry. The next generation is here, learn how to make your agency more attractive to this group of dynamic individuals and how the proper succession planning can make a difference. And to those millennials out there, learn how to prepare to make your mark in the industry.

What are the Financing Options for Agency Perpetuation?
Farmington, CT (June, 2014) Insurance Journal has just released another interview, “Financing Options for Agency Perpetuation”, with David Tralka, president and CEO of InsurBanc. In this interview Dave describes the importance of structuring a perpetuation transaction that transfers the wealth in a way that is successful for both the buyer and seller.

When an Agency Perpetuation Plan Makes Sense
Farmington, CT (May, 2014) Insurance Journal has released another interview, “When an Agency Perpetuation Plan Makes Sense”, by David Tralka, President and CEO of InsurBanc. In this interview Dave answers the question many agency owners think about - “what do I do with the investment I’ve built over the years?” He discusses the factors behind creating an agency success plan and the options and challenges of perpetuation financing.

Climate for Agency Mergers: InsurBanc’s View
Farmington, CT (May, 2014) Insurance Journal has released another interview, “Climate for Agency Mergers: InsurBanc’s View”, by David Tralka, President and CEO of InsurBanc. In this interview, Dave talks about the factors behind a healthier agency merger market in 2014 and what that means for merger activity.

What's New at the 'New' InsurBanc Since Its Sale?
Farmington, CT (May, 2014) Insurance Journal has just released their latest interview, “What’s New at the ‘New’ InsurBanc Since Its Sale”. David Tralka, President and CEO, talks about the importance of InsurBanc’s new structure and how it positively affects InsurBanc’s increased access to capital available to agents and its continued commitment to the insurance industry.

Roger Keith & Sons turns to InsurBanc to gain access to a knowledgeable team and capital
Farmington, CT (August, 2013)
Success brings longevity. But longevity brings unprecedented challenges unheard of in past eras. The lesson for owners of independent agencies is that change and flexibility are essential to generate further growth. Read how InsurBanc provided Roger Keith & Sons access to needed capital and a bank partner for future expansion.

InsurBanc Helps Fast-Track Agency’s Perpetuation Plan After Principal’s Passing
Farmington, CT (February, 2013)
For an insurance agency, executing an internal perpetuation plan can be tricky enough. But when unfortunate circumstances force the plan to be completed on an accelerated timeline, the challenges mount. Find out how one agency was well prepared with a perpetuation plan and the right financing partner.

Boost Agency Value with Help from Your Bank
Farmington, CT (November, 2012)
The goal of all independent insurance agencies should be to build and enhance agency value – period. However, the prolonged economic recovery continues to make this a difficult task for agency owners. Learn about the advantages of working with your banker to gain efficiencies and build value.

Goss & McLain Insurance Expands Their Long-term Relationship with InsurBanc
Farmington, CT (July, 2012)
After turning to InsurBanc for acquisition funding eight years ago, Deb Buckley of Goss & McLain Insurance expanded their relationship with a commercial mortgage loan to buy and refurbish a building to house her agency.

Bring Your Own Device – Opportunities & Risks
Farmington, CT (June, 2012)
The “bring your own device” trend influences the security of the employer’s network, applications, and data. Danielle Johnson, Director of Information Technology of InsurBanc, discusses the opportunities and risks presented by BYOD as well as providing some practical guidance you can use to manage this phenomenon.

Leasing: A Seamless Customer Experience
Farmington, CT (November 2011)
Agents' Express Leasing is an effective solution to manage your clients’ needs with today’s best equipment technology. But don’t take it from us – listen to your peers.
Jay Byrnes of Byrnes Agency experienced how easy our leasing solution is for his agency. Read about his experience.

Extreme Makeover: What Makes an Agency Attractive to Buyers?
Farmington, CT (October, 2011)
Some agency and brokerage owners who would like to be courted have not made their operations particularly attractive to buyers – What’s lost on a lot of agencies is that every business decision you make, it has to be made with the idea: Does this build value or destroy value?

Agency Perpetuation from the Lender’s Perspective
Farmington, CT (September, 2011)
For insurance agency owners, a well-conceived and properly executed perpetuation plan is a great mechanism for harvesting the value generated through their dedication and commitment to building their business.

Bank On It: Created by agents for agents, InsurBanc delivers services tailored to their needs
Farmington, CT (May, 2011)
Any independent agency owner who has tried to explain the nature of his or her business to a bank likely has experienced a fair degree of frustration. For many agency owners, finding a bank that can grasp and accommodate their needs has seemed like the impossible dream.

Combat Cybercrime and Protect Your Agency With Simple Security Tips
Farmington, CT (May, 2011)
Protect your agency from cybercrime. The most potent tools to fight this threat are to keep a wary eye and practice proactive online security techniques and policies. Danielle Johnson, Director of Information Technology of InsurBanc, provides great information on what steps to take should the agency become a victim of Cybercrime, along with descriptions of the common types of Online Fraud.

Agency Owners: Have You Analyzed Your Cash Lately
Farmington, CT (April, 2011)
Independent insurance agencies hold a significant asset on their balance sheets: the cash in their bank accounts. For many agencies, these are significant balances. However much it is, cash is a short-term asset—but one with long-term implications.

Renaissance Group turns to InsurBanc to Help Member Agencies Do Many Things Well
Farmington, CT (March, 2011)
To better serve his independent agency members, Bruce Cochrane turned to InsurBanc for a commission system and a comprehensive cash management solution – and because its service philosophy was the right cultural fit for his firm.

P&C Insurance Agents Working To Get Their Financial Houses in Order in 2011
Farmington, CT (January, 2011)
Three major themes of the challenges facing property and casualty insurance agents in 2011 come under the headings of managing finances, technology and political mandates.

New Day Underwriting Managers turns to InsurBanc for improved operating efficiencies
Farmington, CT (November, 2010)
Jeff Lejfer chose to partner with InsurBanc for its comprehensive cash management services, including online banking, to process premiums more efficiently and for lending products to support his growth ambitions—and because its philosophy and specialty matched well with his firm and his broker partners. Click here to read more.

Cash Management and Technology
Farmington, CT (October, 2010)
Read Best Review’s Issues & Answers: Insurance Technology issue featuring InsurBanc’s Chief Operations Officer Mary Grazen. She explains how InsurBanc is different from other banks and how their cash management services and technology can improve efficiencies for insurance agencies.

Value Building Key in Agency Financing, Perpetuation, M&As
Farmington, CT (September 2010)
An insurance agency must build value over time and if at some point the owner is going to look to harvest that value, he needs to nurture the business and run the operation in a manner that creates value. This value-building philosophy is the glue that holds the entire perpetuation plan or M&A together.

InsurBanc introduces the FlexLease program from Agents’ Express Leasing
Farmington, CT (June, 2010)
InsurBanc Agents’ Express Leasing is proud to introduce FlexLease, a product to help preserve cash while providing the funds to outfit your agency with the latest equipment solution.

Remote Deposit Offers New Road to Efficiency for Agencies
Farmington, CT (March 11, 2010)  The banking industry is striving to keep up with technology and more importantly, your expectations of a banking experience.  What is important to your agency?  What can be done to enhance your experience and at the same time help increase the value of your agency?  Learn how remote deposit can help you.

Agencies Can Preserve Credit – The benefit of leasing business equipment
Farmington, CT (October 15, 2009)
With our economy showing mixed signs of an upswing, individuals and businesses alike are looking for avenues that provide the most cost savings and stability during these trying times—and independent insurance agencies are no exception.

John Rost Achieves Goal of Building An Insurance Franchise
Huntington Beach, CA (October, 2009) – John Rost, founder of Fiesta Auto Insurance, faced the same challenging financing needs as most independent insurance agencies do, but added to that a unique dream of starting an insurance franchise. Read how InsurBanc provided a line of credit to give Fiesta Insurance Franchise Corp. the working capital to build out the franchise concept.

Cash Management Services: What difference can they make to an Independent Agency?
Independent agencies can and should expect their banking relationship to work for them.

Best's Review - The Long Run
Perpetuating your agency takes a plan, financing and most of all, time. Read Best's Review article featuring InsurBanc's Robert Pettinicchi to learn more. Click here

Stacey Reid Rises Up At Hartgraves Insurance
Lovington, NM, (February, 2009) - Independent insurance agencies face various obstacles, especially when trying to obtain a loan. Read how InsurBanc helped Stacey Reid obtain a perpetuation loan and become the owner of Hartgraves Insurance.

Insurance Journal TV - Smart Banking
(January, 2009) Are you wondering how the current credit crunch affects the insurance industry, especially you and your agency?

Get insight into this issue -- and learn how to manage your agency in these turbulent financial times. Watch Insurance Journal’s three part TV series featuring InsurBanc’s chief lending officer, Robert Pettinicchi.

Part 1 - Managing an Agency in a Troubled Economy: How Agents Can Get Credit When They Need It

Part 2 - Managing an Agency in a Troubled Economy: Smart Cash Management Pays Off

Part 3 - Managing an Agency in a Troubled Economy: An Agency’s Best Investment

What Agencies Can Expect Accessing Bank Capital
Every morning, stories of financial sector gloom and doom fill the airwaves. A slowing economy has affected the ability of individuals and businesses to pay their bills. The term "credit crunch" has become a part of the daily lexicon, with loan losses and foreclosures at banks reaching record highs. Click here to learn more.

Read InsurBanc's featured Equipment Leasing article in Rough Notes!

How to Choose the Right Bank for Your Agency
Independent agents or agency owners have unique financial needs. Unfortunately, few banks truly understand those needs. Worse yet, it has become the norm for banks to also sell insurance, meaning they actually compete against independent agents. Click here for more details.

Buy your way to growth.
What you need to know about acquiring another agency.

In today’s demanding business climate, agencies have two options: grow and prosper, or just stay the course. But how to grow? Most agencies can grow organically, through plain old hard work, methodically attracting more clients and perhaps expanding markets. A few, however, accomplish it quickly, by acquiring another agency. In fact, hundreds of sizeable independent agency mergers were recorded last year alone. Is a merger or acquisition in your agency’s future? Here are important considerations to help you craft a deal to your advantage. Click here for more details.

Financing the Future:
How to Approach a Lender about Your Perpetuation Plans

You’ve put all that effort into formulating a perpetuation plan for your insurance agency. Now it’s time to execute it. And that may require some additional financial resources. Click here for more details.


Read how InsurBanc helped agent Deborah Buckley go from service rep to agency owner. Click here.


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