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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got the answers to your needs.
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How is InsurBanc different from other banks?
InsurBanc is the only bank designed for insurance professionals. We were founded by agents in cooperation with the IIABA. Our mission is to help agents, brokers and other insurance professionals grow and prosper with tailored banking products and superior, personalized service. And, unlike traditional banks—which are in the insurance business—we offer only banking products and services.

Why might agencies prefer a loan from InsurBanc?
Most banks tend to base loan value on tangible assets. However, InsurBanc considers all of an insurance agency’s assets—including the book of business and your predictable cash flow.

What makes your customer service different?
At InsurBanc, our customer service representatives completely understand your business and personal banking needs. Once you switch, our service team stays involved to ensure your continued satisfaction.

Can I do all my banking at InsurBanc?
Yes. InsurBanc offers a wide range of banking products and services to handle your business and personal finances. Once you transfer your business banking, you’ll find it just makes sense to do your personal banking here as well. We can assist with personal savings, checking, credit cards, home mortgages, and much more.

Who can bank with InsurBanc?
While our specialty is business and personal banking for insurance professionals, anyone may bank at InsurBanc. We offer a complete line of deposit and loan products, including mortgages and credit cards, plus complete, convenient online banking services.

Do I have to belong to the Big I to bank with you?

Where is InsurBanc located?
The InsurBanc office is in Farmington, Connecticut and conducts business in all 50 states.

How do I work with InsurBanc if you’re in Connecticut and I’m not.
Relationships are managed by telephone, and in selected situations, our representatives can come to your location. Customers have full access to information and transaction capability via Online Banking.

How do I make deposits?
With our Easy Deposit Delivery system, you can electronically submit commercial checks for deposit without leaving your office.

How soon are deposits available?
Deposits are available on the second business day. Simply log on to your transaction summary to view fund availability.

How does InsurBanc make switching banks easier?
InsurBanc’s exceptional customer service representatives are trained to give you personalized, one-on-one service to make the process easy and smooth. We have dozens of testimonials from customers, raving about our service and expressing satisfaction with the switch.

How do I get started with InsurBanc?
Simply contact us today. We will gather information for a free financial review, and suggest ways that InsurBanc can help you maximize your financial position.