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Customer goodwill is as good as gold. Here are a few nuggets from ours.

Innovative Bankers

“I was looking for an innovative way to consolidate our debt, allow for flexible cash management and give me the means to continue to grow via merger and acquisition. After speaking with InsurBanc, I had a totally different perspective on what a lender could do for us. The solution fit our initiatives perfectly knowing that InsurBanc understood our business made the process much easier. It’s reassuring to have a banker as knowledgeable as they are.”

Donovan Dunn, Roger Keith and Sons

Long Term Relationship

“Every year my accountant would tell me: ‘You could go to any bank and get financing.’ But loyalty is a two-way street. When I was a new business owner, InsurBanc provided the initial financing. When it came time to finance the building, I didn’t even approach anyone else. I just went back to InsurBanc. They asked all the right questions because they understood the value of an insurance agency.

I wouldn’t have changed the bank. I think InsurBanc did a great job and continues to do a great job for us. I can’t even imagine at any point switching banks.”

Deborah A. Buckley, Goss & McLain Insurance

We know what insurance agencies need.

"It's very comforting for an independent agent to be able to talk with a banker about the specialized banking needs of the insurance business. Few bankers can understand, even conceptually, the terminology and business practices of independent agencies. By working with InsurBanc, the agent does not have to explain the insurance business."

"It was critical for us to get to know the people at InsurBanc and understand what InsurBanc's philosophy was with personal service. What convinced us to move our banking relationship to InsurBanc was the bank's commitment from the top down to assist us."

Bruce Cochrane – Renaissance Alliance Insurance Services

"The benefits of working with InsurBanc are numerous. They are so helpful and friendly. They understand the insurance business and that helps to get the funding together. They helped me through every step of the loan process from application to closing. They are still there for any questions that arise. I am using InsurBanc for my deposit accounts, and it couldn't be any easier. They are still just a phone call or e-mail away if I have any banking questions."

Stacy Reid, Reid Insurance Group

In-depth agency knowledge!

"They had an expertise that we highly desire because they really understand insurance agencies. The financing of an insurance agency is something that is difficult for a bank to get their arms around, because there is not a lot of traditional collateral there. The greatest thing about InsurBanc is that they were willing to work with us under our terms and they had a real understanding of something that can be difficult to grasp."

Hector Baeza, Leavell Insurance Company

Worth the switch!

"The automation features and service greatly exceed that of our prior bank which we used for over 50 years."

Lanny Hair, Executive Vice President, Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Arizona

Good value!

"For years we were with a large national bank that provided little to no customer service while charging fees for every account transaction. The switch to InsurBanc was not only smooth, but we reduced our bank fees by over 50 percent."

Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of California